Monday, 3 March 2008

March 2nd -
We went to the wildlife refuge for Carols birthday
( I ate more cake).
This is our precious GreatGrandaughter Morgan talking to the duckies.


This is a before and after pictures of my driveway project

Well we just got back from my appointment at the Cancer Clinic. All my test so far are looking good.

My PSA has dropped from 38.5 in October to .97 - that is very low - that is the good news.

The not quite so good is that Dr. Ingledew wants me to continue the shots for another two and a half years! That means I will continue to be weak - have aches and pains - and Hot Flashes.

Yes I have began to have Hot Flashes in spades - Maybe ten times a day, and several times a night in bed. This means I get very hot, wake up, throw off the covers, get very cold, etc etc which means I do not get a good sleep. I am also getting other rather expected side effects like tingling arms, week legs, pain in bones at night etc.

One thing that is definitely bugging me - I have put on about 8 pounds in the past six weeks or so - (all on my stomach, my pants do not fit) I have been eating about the same as usual - well maybe the package of cookies a day is a bit different.

As of last week I have decided to stop eating sweets - bad time to make such a resolution - had two birthday parties for Carol, ate several large pieces of cake - but am starting again right now. These darn female hormones are making me rethink my glib answer to all the dieting problems in the world - "Eat half as much, and do twice the excercise." It may not be quite so simple.

It is no big deal, but I dont like these effects.

Dr Ingledew also wants me to start Radiation treatment in about two months. Im not so sure I really want to have these treatments, they have several different side effects as well as making me even weaker. Beth and I are giving this some serious consideration.

I would like to stop the Shots in a few months and try and regain strength and vitality.

All things considered, I am grateful for feeling as well as I do, things could be much worse.

My weekly visits to patients at Peace Arch Hospital, makes me appreciate all I have to be thankful for. They are so appreciative of my short chats with them, it is quite rewarding to be of some comfort when they are in need.

I have been feeling a bit stronger the past week or so - have started to dig up the driveway to widen it and put in new concrete. See driveway mess above left.

Well all for now - must go and watch Judge Judy!!