I am hoping people will respond to my musings.

I never thought that I a hot red blooded male would be shocked to see a beautiful female doctor walk into the office. I gulp and hope that she would not asked embrassing questions and certainly not want to examine me. But alass she did both. It wasnt quite as bad as I imagined - actually I didnt imagine anything - I never think about the next visit. She was very descrete - hands under paper sheets etc - not that I liked it but I guess as you get older and feebler you can expect to be treated with less and less respect - less and less.

I must admitt she was very through and has now decided I need added tests. She wanted me to again give my precious blood ; [do they know I once fainted]. I already had a fasting blood test for diabeties which ruined the whole morning. Actually I would rather be out riding my bike any day than doing this. I had to have a chest x-ray but put the gown on perfectly well actually Beth tied up the back.

I can hardly wait for my bone density and my stomach x-rays which come next.

I now have an Oncologist, as well as an Urologic Surgeon, who went to school together.
Doctors are looking so young these days but they are extremely kind and insist I ask any questions I can think of. But like everyone else I think of questions after I leave.

I was disappointed when the doctor said I would be on these hormones until 2010. Yes, they do make me feel a little tired and dizzy but all Beth's says is get use to it!
I'm getting used to it.


  1. I can imagine the discomfort of having the female doctor. You can bet I'm super excited to eventually have mammograms with male doctors... Let alone giving birth!

    I hope you do get many chances to ride your bike. I guess not so much lately what with winter weather, but being out there whipping along sure seems to take worries away.

    I'm looking forward to being back in the summer and visiting you and Beth and maybe reading some more of your stories, Larry.

    Hope everything is going well lately.

  2. Thanks for your insightfull comments Ava. yes as we get older - even you - we it appears have to put up with more and more interference and probing of our bodies.

    Hope you can wait a long time before this happens. Let us know how school/social life is going.
    Send me an email with your address I have lost it if I did have it.

    larry and beth

  3. Hi Dad,

    With some many doctors, how can you suggest you are getting less and less respect as you get older? Seems quite the other way around to me! :-)


  4. Why wouldn't a hot red blooded male be surprised to see a beautiful female doctor walk in? You DO have some manly hormones left, don't you?


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