Well have had a few more tests. Had a CT scan on stomach on the 10th..
We actually thought it was to be an ultrasoundsince I had to drink lots of water before
I arrived. Went through the normal (now) proceedure, gown on right way around,
wait here, wait there, - finally they take me into a room with several beds and intavenus
bags attached to each one. I thought it was strange I was here, but they were not for me! Wrong before I realized what was happening the had the needle in my arm and I was dripping away.

I was about an hour wait on the bed - then I was taken (dragging my little bag with me) to wait in one of two chairs outside the CT room. Almost immediately my good friend Maryse came along and sat next to me - she was getting a scan as well - what are the odds.

Our son Ken and his son Hobey have been here from Australia the past 11 days - it has been great having them, they both have great senses of humour. They left last night - seem lonely around here now. Unfortunately I have had a bit of the flue or something,o the past 5 days so I havent been too much fun to be around.
However Ken's oldest son Tyler will be arriving in two days so he will cheer us up.
I receive another shot in my stomach in thre weeks, and a CT scan on my back a week later, not much else I dont think for awhile.
Am going to watch the hockey game now - on our old TV set - my Son-inLaw Randy Just installed a new HD 50 inch set in his living room - wow the game look great. All I want is a little 32 inch one - not too much to ask for I dont think - although as Beth says there are all the starving children all over the place, so maybe we will just sponsor another child instead.

All for now


  1. Hi Dad,

    Why the CT scan on your stomach?

    I think Mom is right about not needing a new tv.



  2. Hey Larry, why did you have to drink water before your ultrasound? What are intavenus bags?
    I'm glad your son and grandkid could come to see you, and it's too bad to hear about your flu! Those things are awful! I hope you get over it soon...
    How much does a cheap 32 inch TV screen cost?

  3. Hey Larry,
    so how have you been since? i heard you're planning to fix up your motorcycle and that you're going to start going to sungod... have any other plans? feeling alright?

    do you eat any cookies?



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