March 2nd -
We went to the wildlife refuge for Carols birthday
( I ate more cake).
This is our precious GreatGrandaughter Morgan talking to the duckies.


  1. that's so cute! she looks so happy!
    where did she get the orange hair from? did you evere have orange hair - larry?

    i'm so glad you guys are taking the effort to take part of your greatgrandchildren's lives!

    (GREATgrandchildren! wow!)

  2. Hi Larry

    Rick had informed me about your health situation and also of this blog so here I am writing a little message for you.I am extremely sorry to hear about such news but very pleased to hear that things are improving...Sorry that the side effects of the hormone therapy is so uncomfortable but you seem very determine to brave it which is the right spirit to have.All will be well by God's Grace.My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.Take care of yourself.Please say hello to Beth.Thanks.


  3. Hi Dad ,
    I your sleeping better. I am at
    work just a quick note .
    Love ya .


  4. Hi Shaunett,

    Thanks for the kind words on my blog site. It gives one a nice feeling to know that there are people (even ones like you that I have not actually met) that will take time to write and pray for others.

    I do appreciate you from afar.


    larry and beth


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