Three for One

Well we got in to the Cancer clinic on friday the 12th of sept.

At first a young man weighed me - I told him I just did myself at home and I was 180 lbs - he said we will do it here again - I came in at 175 lbs. I have been trying (sot of) to lose five or ten pounds - made me feel good that I had just shed five in one hour!

After I put on my gown - for a sore lip?? a very nice young lady came in and asked if she could practice on me. I said sure. She gave me a thorough going over - it makes you feel sort of wanted when one takes such an interest in one.
She said this saves the Specialist time etc. So the specialist (Dr. Chan) did come in and they both looked my body over again for a few minutes. They did get to the lip and both pulled and prodded. They were both suprised at how good my lip looked now (I had come with a picture of how it looked 20 days ago.) The specialist advised me that they could operate, or use Radiation treatment. Operating caused more dissfigurement - Radiation less etc etc. After a few minutes the specialist decided to get a more senior doctor in. They arrived in a few moments. The first thing that popped into my mind - he looks just like that doctor on TV - whats his name.

"This is Dr Jovanovic," the young lady said. "What a coincidence, I've had an appointment with you I believe for three months - Oct. 18th to be precise." I said. "So why are you here then?" "I couldnt wait for you so I got my GP to do the biopsy and brought it straight here to save time." "OK" "lets have a look at your lip - I understand you have been using Ufedex." "Yes for about 15 years or so." So how do you use it?" "For my face I usually put a bit on one night than wait one or two days and put more on - etc until I get it under control." "Thats not the way to use it - put it on every night until it gets real sore and inflamed." Yes I know all that- but for me and my face I just want to keep it under control and how I do it works." "You do it the same way for your lip?" "No I really got to it - every night for at least 15 days - made me quite a mess as you can see from the photo." Well it looks pretty good to me - lets leave it until you come into my office for your appointment." "OK will do."

So nothing much happened, but I feel much better about everything - it looks like I more or less did the right thing by making my lip a royal mess for a few weeks - if I hadnt I think I would be in real trouble right now. And I have a feeling Jovanovic is a good guy - I may be wrong - but so far I feel pretty good about everything. Even the prostate stuff seems to be slowing down.

I read the scripture at Colebrook Sunday - onlygot mixed up a few times.


  1. Glad your lip is improving Larry. I saw the picture before. I've been meaning to check if you are up for visitors. I'm heading out of town from Oct 2-17 (off to India with a girlfriend) but could swing by if it works for you. Hope Beth resolves her back pain. I'll ask for some favours for you from the Hindu gods, Buddhas, etc. Laura H


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