Sealskin uniforms for Olympians? MPs give unanimous approval

Headline Vancouver Sun, Thursday May 7th 2009

This headline to me is more than beyond belief.

Just days earlier the E.U. (Euorpean Union) had issured a ban on the purchase of any products of the Canadian Seal hunt. This large group has without reservation, voiced the opinion of hundreds of millions of citizens of this planet, who dissaprove the slaughter of thousands of innocent baby seals. This slaughter, done for no good reason, other than the vanity of a minority of miss-informed individuals, and the political pressure from a section of this nation that refusess to leave the dark ages!

For our MP's to acquiesce to this pressure is beyond contempt!

I feel sorry for a group of men (I do believe they are all men) who, rather than try and improve their lives by retraining or education, cling to the wretched past where this slaughter was, and still, is a yearly bloodbath to continue a subsistence life style.

I like to believe Canada is better than this!

A little further into the newspaper an article (Jeff Lee's Blog) on the difference between the Provincial and Federal Governments idea of the free flow of information and the USA's idea - it appears the USA wins everytime - it really hurts me to say this!

In any event withing this blog it becomes clear the bidding process for the Cruise Ships to house the RCMP leaves a bit to be desired - and to get the information it required going to the USA.

But the interesting fact that emerges is that the rather exorbitant cost for this accomidation is about 80 million dollars.

For accommodation.

Compare this with the original cost of about 87 million - later revised to 175 million for the entire cost of security for the Olympics.

However as unbelievable as the above is, it pales in comparison with what the federal Government now estimates the maximum cost for security may reach

One Billion Dollars

Can you imagine what the public would have voted for if they were told before we won the Olympic bid of this cost - a cost that leaves absolutely no lasting benefit - none.

If memory serves me properly - this was about the original total cost we were assured could be made good.

Imagine what could be done with this amount of money that is totally wasted.
It sure makes one wonder.


  1. I just caugth the news on my drive into work this morning and them talking about the seal skin and the IOC and I sure have to wonder about the people who are paid as much as they the decisions they make. I think we should all buy one of those islands for sale in Australia and all move their. Randy will do the barbequeing!

  2. Hey Larry!
    I see you're getting into the swing of blogging! It's good to hear some numbers about this whole deal.
    Keep it up and take care.

  3. It is a joke that Canada belives they are an independant country !!

    Canada is just as bad as Australia and will only do what USA allows them to do .

    USA are now dumping their stupid monster trucks down here now that Ford can't sell the behemoth in the states . Arn't we lucky !~


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