I have been following the Haiti earthquake closely on the TV and Internet at home since am retired and have lots of time.
When President Barak Obama was elected there was a great deal of promises, at the time I remember saying “If he carries out one in five we should be happy”

As you can see I was not expecting him to be a superman. But I was expecting a change for the better in the administration.

However when the earthquake hit Haiti on Jan 12th 2010 and I heard his speech I was very encouraged and was positive this would not be another Katrina.

Jan 12 Port-au-Prince, Haiti Category 7 earthquake. Not too much information coming in but since the USA is only one hour away or less if from their base in Cuba. I am sure the American administration will have help arriving first thing in the morning.

Jan 13th CNN news arrives and starts reporting and showing the devastation, showing many Haitian men and women working frantically to dig victims from the rubble. The first few aircraft arrive with help. No US government presence. Evidently Cuba sent several doctors. The population is desperate for water and food

Jan 14th many nations now sent help and rescue workers – Spain – China- Canada etc.
No sign of American government assistance – believe at least one disaster crew from an American city arrived. Population desperate for water and food.
I cannot believe the USA is not on the ground in any meaningful way.


Jan 15th Pictures of aircraft at airport show planes from allover the world unloading supplies – Holland – France The USA not represented in any of the shots I personally observed. A Red cross official states if real help does not arrive desperate people will start taking the law into their own hands and violence will erupt.

I am now stating to think this has to be a deliberate American policy, I know it may sound ridiculous but maybe they are waiting until rioting breaks out, then they can in effect invade and do what they do best, use military force against the population.

Jan 17 Still no real American Presence. Many nations are on ground helping as best they can. The CNN crew it looks like are having great difficulty in finding many American rescue personal. Italian rescuers on the ground.

Jan 18 – Nations from all parts of the world are on the ground – including The United Arab Emirates, Israel, Brazil, and Norway.
No real USA presence!
"We do not have the capacity to fix this situation. Haiti needs help ... the Americans are welcome here. But where are they? We need them here on the street with us," said policeman Dorsainvil Robenson, deployed to chase looters in the capital.

Jan 19th Small (5.8) earthquake has hit Grand Caman Island – phoned Kimberly she felt it but it was no big deal she says.
Some media are starting to make a big deal about looting in Haiti – starving people are having the audacity to take canned food from destroyed buildings instead of just leaving it to be ultimately destroyed. The Haitian police have been firing on some of them.

There are now hundreds of American personal on the airfield. They evidently are making short sorties to delivers some water and food to the starving.

QUOTE FROM TOM LEONARD THE DAILY TELEGRAPH in the Vancouver Sun Jan 19tth 2010.

FROM AN AMERICAN LIEUT. “ We understand the Haitians are desperate for food, water and work. We’ve done a few food and water runs with the Brazilians- UN troops-it went well.” He said. “Even when we ran out of water, there were was no trouble.”

Just think this is a week since the quake – this is what the worlds superpower can do for one of it closest neighbors – I do not have the words to express my sadness and disappointment


  1. Well, no one ever said you dont have an opiniion on things dad! I have not watched that much coverage, but when I have there has allways been some americans, soldiers or regular folk there helping. But I did not expect any more from Obama then any other president, Animal Farm made too much of an impression on me. They may start our with good intentions, but in the end they all send the horses to the glue factory!

  2. Poor people of colour , yep I can see the similarity
    with Katrina.

  3. Well, Dad, the USA can't be critized for both hogging the airport at Port au Prince with all their aircraft and doing nothing. Plus, the obligation is as much Canada's as it is the USA.




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