OCCUPY WALL STREET

There recently was a post on Face book extolling the virtues of a young man who had posted the merits of his relatively short life of hard work, sacrifice, frugality, saving, studying, and planning for the future.  I would be the first to affirm his spirit and integrity.
Several Facebookers made comments to the effect that what the world needs is more people like him, and less like the deadbeats with the Occupy Wall Street bunch in New York City.

From all I have seen and read it appears to me the vast majority of citizens participating in these proceeding are normal everyday people. Some are there because the events of the major bank bailout in 2008 have afflicted their lives directly. Others, whether they are small business owners, housewives, waitresses, fast-food employees, teachers from all levels, lawyers, doctors, laborers, in fact it appears all segments of society have felt the effects of the actions of the mega corporations. These same corporations that not only received the bailout monies – but indeed caused the financial mess in the first place.   . [There is an obvious parallel here to the demonstrators in Egypt – same cross section of society demonstrating against a dictatorship masquerading as a democracy not treating the populace fairly.] 

 Others are probably there for the thrill of participating in an action that they can get away with taunting  the police and vandalizing property while part of the crowd – something they would never have the courage to do on their own. These are the professional agitators.

However the vast majority of peaceful demonstrators are I believe a part of the millions of honest hard working citizens of our world that believe in –

                                                                   FAIR PLAY

Yes I know this seems very simplistic – but when you get right down to it – that’s really all we – the average voter (and those still to get the right to vote) strive to attain.

When  right thinking people see what is obviously a situation where one section of society is treated with distain, arrogance, indifference , and yes even cruelty, they will eventually rise to the occasion and let the oppressor (whether it be a dictator, Corporation, or democratic government) understand enough is enough.

When unsophisticated homeowners make mistakes with managing their finances, they very quickly find themselves out of a home, and at times literally thrown on the street.

Mega corporations like AIG,  Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sacks etc etc at the same time were given bailouts by the Various government agencies. Taxpayers (including those losing their homes) were paying to the tune of hundreds of Billions to these financial giants for their financial mistakes. It as has been alleged by several Government committees that some of the companies have committed outright fraud and in at least one instance a charge of perpetuating a monster ponzi scheme has been alleged. Some executives are at present being charged.

These companies through their greed (giving their managers millions in bonuses with the bailout money) and fraudulent practices have caused untold suffering throughout the entire world, and it is still continuing – in some cases it is escalating.   

                                            THIS IS NOT FAIR PLAY

I hope the young man that posted about his frugal hard working life style never has his life savings that he worked so hard to accumulate lost in the blink of an eye by some unethical corporation. I hope he never has a sick child that he cannot afford the hospital bills. I hope he is always treated fairly, because in life it you will run into people that do not believe in your values of hard work and honesty. You may many years from now find yourself out there, trying in some small way to express your democratic right protest what you believe to not be  - FAIR PLAY.

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  1. true that Dad .

  2. Well, your writing is certaily few and far between dad. I have not heard of this person you mention, but the inocence of youth is so fragile. That is why it is hard to see when their dreams crushed by the greedy. Happens all over the place though. Big and small companies, corporate or government. Then next thing you know these hard working industries young people are just old and bitter and cranky like the rest of us. Sandra


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