Little Things that stick in my mind!

As we travel through this short life on this beautiful planet many times
                                               I wonder.

     Why we allow our politicians (particularly our Prime Minister Harper) to give an answer to a reasonable question that is totally off Subject. Do not these role models to our children realise what they are teaching the young?  And not in the usually ineffective,  "follow what I say" method, but in the very effective, pattern a life after what they see and hear how those in respected positions respond to a question. A question I might add that is about a position or quote, the respected person has made or defended. He/she should be proud to discuss and enlighten the great unwashed about his/her reasoning. But no, so often they stand there, looking sheepish, silly grin, or worse proud smirk on their face, all the time knowing (in the case of our Current Prime Minister Harper) there cannot be any follow-up questions. These politicians, if they have any brains at all, or conscience,  should know the detrimental  effect their actions have on the young, and the deep seated ridicule most citizens of this country, regardless of party, will hold them for the rest of their lives.

Why we have a major refugee world crisis. It is often heartbreaking. Millions of innocent families trudging from one country or boat to another. Fleeing bombs and fanatical Islamic groups destroying their country.Trying to make a better life for their children. Little children washing up on the shores of strange countries.

From Iraq - where we, the good guys destroyed thousands of homes, water plants, sewer systems,
and farms, not to mention hundreds of thousands of civilians killed. We killed thousands of Iraq soldiers, disbanded their army leaving a vacuum - that has been filled with new evil.

From Afghanistan  - see above

From Syria  - Very tragic - Bad dictator - country not in civil, war no refuges - still in office. The good guys tell Dictator to step down?  We start supporting various strange Groups - including ISIS   - the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria  with Arms and logistic support. Syria now a broken State. Millions of refuges have left their homes and are trudging and dying across North Africa and Europe. We are bombing Syria.

Why are we today, using Drones in Pakistan (an independent supposedly friendly Nation) to target and kill " militants"  and untold innocent children and adults by blowing up suspected private homes.

Seeing that little boy washing up on the beach was heart breaking. Took years of paper work to try and get him to British Columbia - why?

I am now writting this after the last Federal election - the Harper tories lost - it is like a breath of fresh air flowing through this country.

I wonder what the world would think if a slow motion camera inside a poor little home in Pakistan, or Syria, or Iraq, took a picture of a sweet little three year old girl as she slowly disintegrated from one of nice little missiles, fired from the western controlled see no evil, see no blood, hands off, cute little drone.