What should an income be based upon.


                       WHAT SHOULD AN INCOME BE BASED UPON?

             This little blurb is  written for my lovely Granddaughter Tasha.  
As well as being a wonderful mother to her handsome son Justice, she is talented, intelligent, very funny, and for the purpose of this paper -  she 
                                         Drives a Transit Bus in Vancouver B.C.

When one looks closely at various jobs and professions in our modern society, what often
strikes me is the obvious fact that the pay one receives, often has absolutely nothing
to do with the actual work, or the responsibilities associated with that employment!

To my little brain it appears logical remuneration should be based upon the answer to a few simple questions. First, and most importantly, what are the consequences of making an error? Second, does one work without direct supervision. Third, does this job/profession require long hours under stress? Fourth, do the duties require split second decisions, affecting life or death, large sums of money, or both?

There is a group of dedicated professionals working in every Major City in Canada that I believe can answer honestly in the affirmative to the Four questions above.

They are the dedicated, hard working, intelligent, women and men who drive the Transit Buses in Canada!

They work in every major city in Canada, and I dare say, are under appreciated in them all! This group deserve more respect and benefits - including wages, rest periods, more human friendly shifts,  increased holidays, and days off. Just to mention a few.

They are the women and men that Drive every day, safely depositing millions of Canadians, young and old, women, men, babies, and toddlers
They are group of employees in Canadian society that I believe are not treated as well as they deserve.

As an Air Traffic Controller, and an executive with the Canadian Air Traffic Control Assn in the late 1950's and 1960's in Vancouver I speak from experience. Our profession was relatively new,and misunderstood by the public. In fact at that time, most airline passengers had not heard of us.  A great many thought we worked for the Airlines, and just sort of waved out the window to the aircraft as they flew by. We had great responsibility, worked very hard,  made many, many decisions during a shift, and worked without any supervision.  One might say this was the definition of a Professional! As I recall some well known Think Tank decided after looking at several professions, an Air Traffic Controller was the definition of a Professional.

Things have changed dramatically, after a few threatened strikes. and a few international incidents where Controllers were involved. Possibly because many politicians and relatively rich
people fly.  Possibly because there are relatively few Air Traffic Controllers in Canada. Whatever the reason Air Traffic Controllers are now recognised as a special working group and now have many little perks, and a wage that reflects there position in society.