My nipples are quite sore today. Beth seems to think this is very funny.

She has been studying the Jewish religion the past several months. She mentioned
an old Jewish Male ritual, evidently the men would pray first thing each morning.

"Oh God thank you for not making me a Woman."

I'm glad at least I'm not Jewish, or God may have some explaining!


  1. *gasp*

    I'm quite offended! Being a women isn't... TOO much of a curse...

  2. oh, and Larry, you need to change this blog so that ANYONE can leave a comment, or unless, you DON'T want any comments at all. But if you do, could you send me your user name and password (you can trust me, it's just so that i can help you) and i'll fix that for you. My email is It's Tavia, by the way. :)

  3. Is my sister trying to con you, Larry?
    What has piqued Beth's interest in Judaism lately?

  4. He he... and when i have your password, i'll... i'll... rearrange your titles...? hmm... not quite as gratifying a con as i'd hoped. sigh.


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