Well Beth and me had the meeting yesterday with Omar to disscuss the results of
the bone scan and the biopsy.

As we pulled into the parking lot (it is one of those weird ones where you remember the slot number and go inside and pay) there was a car pulling out, so I quickly pulled in behind. My logic is - if he paid for the 2 hours there probably is at least an hour left - now way to tell.
Beth of course said that was silly we must pay. Did I mention we can never get the stupid machine to (a) take our cash (well that is not entirely true - it takes it, but does not give a recept) or (b) use our visa - it never works. As we got out of the car I notice a guy with a funny looking machine giving out parking tickets. Brilliant thought - will ask hime to look into his magic machine and tell me how much time is still available at spot 66. He looked at me like I was slightly daft when I asked him - but he indeed could look it up - we had 23 minutes left - I figured it would be plenty (he said he would be back in 22 minutes to check) - Beth dissagreed. She also mentioned we should take the needles and shot liquid in with us in case the doc wanted to give me the shot today.
"Naw - no chance." "Anyway you can come out to get it if we need it."
So we started playing the the pay machine - actually Beth was trying to help an elderly (our age) couple pay - she told me to go ahead.
About ten minutes later she came into the docs office looking a bit frazzled - had given up with the card - then after paying double with cash and not getting any recept she held up two fingers, smiled it all directions and left. Her logic was - they must have hidden cameras - proof she paid - couldnt argue with such smarts.
Anyway we did need the shot stuff and she had to back down to the car - told you so etc etc - not happy at all.

Good news, the cancer had not spread into the bone.
They did find some problems with my shoulders and lower spine - but I have known
I had problems in these areas for some time.

The not quite so good news is that the biopsy has definitely confirmed cancer (it was only 99.99% sure before) and it is in the moderate stage of aggresivness - not quite sure what that is - but it is better than high I reckon.

I recieved my first shot of the estrogen mixture in my stomach. It will last for three months. I will also take the pills for the next while.

My poor little male body - All those little testosterone guys (they've been so contented for so long) that are getting swarmed by the big bully estrogen Amazons, can't believe whats happening!

All the females in the family seem to be looking forward to my first hot flush, and or the size of my first bra!!

Will start Radiation treatment in about 6 months, if I decide to proceed with that treatment, we will see.
Omar says -heck I might will die of something else rather than cancer - haven't quite figured out if that was to cheer me up or what.

To be continued


  1. I'm glad is it not in the bone! Does that mean it is easily removed? I hope so! And I hope the radiation treatment doesn't cause too many problems!

    Chin up! - as you've been doing!

    - tavia


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