radiation begins

Had my second radiation treatment today - no problems, just have to lie real still. The people at the clinic are very nice - they do not expect me to any side effects for a week or two.

Decided to buy a 7week parking pass ( I will be going every day for another 36 days) from the cancer clinic - they only take cheques!
Would not take cash. Finally gave me the pass if I promissed to come back with a cheque
in a few days - if you stay less than an hour the pass does not save you anything, but less hastle.

Hace been having more trouble with my numb feet have tripped a few times and fallen - have great difficulty getting up due to the pseudo gout in my knees. The Cancer hasnt bothered me much these past 9 months - but I believe the injections have made me quite weak and it appears have also worsened any ailments I had before treatments. It has been pretty warm lately (30C)
and since I still get the hot flashes several times a night I do not get a great sleep.

Beth has been extremely tired the past 4 or 5 days as well as having sever back pains, She had bones scan of her back two weeks ago - havent heard results yet. I think she has been worrying about me to much - I tell her things are going fine (sort of) and to stop worrying - of course she ignores me. I think to take her mind off of things she has decided to rearrange most of the furniture, and shoes/toothbrushes/books/pictures/beds and anything else that isnt nailed down.
She does this almost every day - to say it confuses me just a tad is a gross understatement- but it makes life interesting - especially when she at times doesnt remember where she put things - we do have this in common!!

Went with Glenn for a boat ride out the Fraser river last evening - it was wonderful - and he bought us both fish and chips after returning - lovely time.

Had a bit of confussion with getting a dentist appointment - decided to go with beths guy - unfortunetely I gave the surgeon who operated on me the name of her doctor rather than her dentist (so he could forward the exrays to him). A few days later I realized what I ahd done and called the surgeon and gave him the proper name of Beths dentist. All is well - not quite - the surgeons receptionist being very alert and profficient sent them to another dentist who just happened to have the same name as beth doctor (BROTHER AS IT TURNED OUT). Anyway to make it short I ended up with two appointments at two different places on the same day 20 minutes appart. Off course beth and me thought it was her dentist that kept changing and reminding me of new times etc etc - ended up having no appoint ment since all the info went to the wrong dentist etc etc.


  1. oh, dear. Getting healthy can be such a pain! How do you get to all these appointment? Can I drive you sometime?

    Glenn enjoyed the boat trip too.

    So glad to get an update on your blog- no more expedient way for all of us to know what's happening in your household. And your trials and tribulations prompt us to get our men in for exams.

    So, can I drive you sometime to an appointment? Glenn is off Mondays, as you know. That's an easy day.

    God fill your home with love and make you strong again.


  2. Hey Larry!

    I`m glad you posted something! I`ve been quite worried. I`m glad you haven`t felt anything yet from the radiation, and i hope that goes well.

    Why do you have numb feet?

    I`ll have to visit you guys when I come back from Quebec...

    But it`s summer, so I hope you can enjoy the nice weather!

    - tavia


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