It started

Well every day I go in for the treatment the first thing the cheerful radiation tech ladies do is ask me if I,m doing ok - " no diarea?" I have always (except the time I took a mild laxitive - which is another story) said no.
Speaking of nice ladies this is a picture Beth took of two of the nicest - inside the zapping room - a few moments befor my treatment was to begin.
The large machine is just behind but I guess you annot realy see it.
However the past three days I have had it quite bad, and they say it will continue for the rest of the treatment - 26 days, but whose counting.
They gave me some medicine last week to help shrink the prostate - I had a reaction - first night one hand was itchy all night - no big deal - third day in the evening my feet swoll up- my lip also - but the worse thing was my chest began to get quite tight - needless to say I have quit the medicine. It seems I am rather alergic to almost any sort of medicine. The ladies at the clinic were very worried about me and got the doctor down right away. He gave me the older version of the same medicine to try - we will see.
I did go in to see my eye doctor yesterday about my Glucoma it is not getting worse - 14 in one eye 16 in the other - that is good news.


  1. just happy to see you smiling, Larry.
    we love you lots.
    I hope you don't mind if I come by sometime soon? I'll try within the next week :)

  2. Hi Larry,
    Glad to connect again. Just finished reading your blog. Sorry to hear your diagnosis as you can expect. My god, it is funny to read your blog. I was laughing out loud. You really have a talent and glad you can bring so much joy to those you meet. Keep up the good work! and blogging. Learning lots from you. Miss you lots. Laura


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