Half Way

Well I didnt think it would ever happen but we are half way through the radiation treatments.

All in all these daily trips to the cancer clinic have gone reasonaly well. Beth insists on coming to all the treatments in case I get radiation poisoning or something and she will drive home. She is a very good driver, but not such a great passenger. She is always telling me to put the windows all the way up before I turn off the motor ( I like to leave them down a little so the car doesnt get to hot).
So the other day we park and beth gets out first, before I have turned off the engine.
" Dont forget to put the back window all the way up". she says.
So I dutifully press the button for the back window. Suddenly there is a blood curtling scream from outside the passenger side of the car.

Several heads seem to appear out nowhere all looking at me.

Beth shouts rather loudly.
" Put the window down, put the window down"
So being a very quick witted ex air traffic controller _(did I mention we were driving beths car?)
I instantly pressed the down button the way it worked on my car.
"No, no down not up." There might have been something about an idiot in there somewhere, but I'm not sure. Beth screemed so loud more people jumped out of cars to see what was wrong.
Anyway I eventually did it the proper way round and all ended well - except for the black fingernail that is about to fall off.
It seems when she yelled put the window up ,she was holding on to it as she reached into the car to get my bag. See our little daily trips aren't borring at all.

Actually the treatments dont bother me at all. Well that is not quite true - as this big scarry large round eye sort of sneeks up on me from out of eyesight under the table on my left side and (making all sorts of wirring and clicking sounds) slowly goes around my body before coming back and stopping over my lower bladder area where it stays for several seconds making louder and more ominous sounds it makes me imagine all sorts of things.

For instance just before they start the machine the two techs run like mad to the exit. Now its just me all alone with this large, extremely powerful, high voltage machine - run totally
BY A COMPUTER. Now I have nothing against a nice little computer. But I worked for several years with some excellent professional computer people, some engineers others programers.

One little tidbit I remember from somewhere, was ( I'm not saying it is true) that for every 500 lines of code written for a program there is probably one error. Now it may be just a teeny little bitty error and never show up for a thousand years - but on the otherhand I assume there are hundred's of thousands of lines of code in this machine. So while I lay there (with my eyes closed) I think of programers and the big eye spewing out a few zillion volts (or whatever) of gamma rays into my little body - I may not be able to feel them but they are doing something - as the rather long list of side effects attests. I dont like it.


  1. Good grief - that machine sounds scary!

    But I guess a few little errors in the machine is better than no machine at all!

    I wonder how long it will take them to smooth out every error. I also wonder how long it will take them to discover new technology for this, considering how fast technology is moving.

    And the thing with the window with Beth is kind of funny... :) Don't tell her I said that!

  2. Dad,
    I keep checking your blog after moms but you are not writing.


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