Armistice Day 2008

A picture of me with my Grampa -Dad -Wilfred -and Clifford - same day as marching picture.

Clifford's plane crashed in Labrador

The Day Wilfred left - I ran along beside him for several blocks!

NOV.11 - 2008
We attended the service at the New Westminster Armories, where memories of my short(six weeks) career in the Westminster Regiment came back. I guess like all Young men that join the army, our training was a bit of a lark. Dave Brooks and I joined up - a message from Army Headquarters to the Air Traffic Control Centre stated the boss had to give us time off to attend this Civil Defence Training - with pay. Plus we got full army pay. My Car was out of service and I was riding with Dave - so I went where he went - he went to the army. Dave had been in the Army reserve for some time so he was a bit of a pro. I on the other hand was a bit of a miss fit. In fact I was assigned to the Miss-fit Platoon - although I must admit I did think of myself as a sort of an upper level miss-fit!
I was the corner marker (I Think that was the term,) the guys were to watch me??. Our platoon was made up of guys that couldn't march - (I was pathetic), Shoot straight, run fast, think fast, etc. We had an ex private from the German Army-was sure if the war had of continued they would of won - A German Captain engineer - forced into the army - hated Hitler and war - A USA captain that dropped by parachute on the famous Chosin Reservoir at night in the Korean War - and last but not least seven prisoners from the Okala prison that were getting time off if they graduated from the course. They traveled back and forth every day in a Police Van.

We were a fun group - in fact I laughed so much I Would come home with a sore stomach. Our Corporal on the other hand didn't seem to think the things I laughed at were funny at all - he was a bit of a grouch. Our platoon was so bad we had a Sargent flown in from Edmonton to shape us up. He almost lost his mind. We had this Jewish young man who marched with the arms going the same way as the legs - the German Corporal - got on his case, however this weird marching
was infectious - soon the German guy and half the rest were doing the same thing - some in jest - others not. Some couldn't hold the rifle properly- others couldn't dress properly- others seemed to hear instruction backwards - it was very interesting.

As I was remembering this frustrating but enjoyable time of my young (1962) life I was thinking of the difference with my Uncles - I'm sure they were the same in training - the difference was they gave there lives so that I could have the experience years later.


  1. That's hilarious! Ha! The misfit Platoon! (i was in one sort of like that in aircadets, where we got all the rejects, except I wasn't a reject! I just had signed up late! Phooey.)

    What a memory to have!

    Thanks for lightening up my day. :)


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