Curling seems to be out!

Finally got my call to be spare for a curling team. They gave me a few tries
at throwing rocks before we began - I guess it was rather funny (although no one laughed)
- had hard time getting down to throw rock - it went a few feet - I went several feet - second try
not much better - fell over - third try same -although I did throw the rock to the far end.
Decided I could not curl at this time - it was obvious i guess.
Drove home in the porring rain - not too happy.


  1. well, it could be worse, you could of broken a hip or something. As it is just your pride is slightly bruised.

  2. It was only curling Dad. :-) Now, if it was mountain climbing, then it would be something to worry about!



  3. Good greif! That sounds depressing! But don't stress about it; I'm glad you're trying.

    I didn't know you liked curling. Did you play it before? Is this a professional team?


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