Beth - studying map - Then Lost again

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We have been taking walk's in the Watershed park lately - there are a lot of trails
going all which way - this means most of the time we are lost. It is a beautifull, peacefull refruge from the busy world only meters away. Although the park is probably only about forty acres all told, we manage to find a new way to get lost every time we enter.Now I must admit the term LOST is a relative term, we are lost in the sense we don't know where we are for the moment, but we are only a 15 minute walk home once we find our way out! For example - within five minutes of taking this picture we were lost again and found a very deap revine we did not know existed, so we stopped and had our Root Beers and took some pictures of Beth's left over drink running down the trail- an exciting day for the old folks. Which in itself is a rather interesting subject - getting old that is. We don't actually think we are getting older until something comes up (like jumping over a log) and you fall or even worse don't event try to jump over it - sigh - it is all too depressing. That is until you accept where you are within the great scheme of things and enjoy each others company.


  1. I guess you would only really get worried if it started getting dark. Do you see many people when you are lost? Could you just tag along with some random group and know you will end up on 64th or #10, or are there other ways to get inot there.


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