It makes me so proud to be a Canadian.

Omar Khadr Not Tortured, Gitmo Judge Finds

The land of the free and the brave Military have held a Canadian child in a questionably legal prison for eight years. Now I am no international legal expert or lawyer, but this is how I perceive the situation. This Canadian child (possibly a brainwashed mixed-up child) was legally visiting a country with the blessings of the legal government at the time. The USA led NATO forces invaded this country. NATO forces as far as I understand did not declare war on Afghanistan. I guess this eliminates those picky little rules of war. It appears he was in the wrong place at the wrong time; in any event he was very seriously injured by the invaders fire.

He was captured.

He allegedly threw a hand grenade or some such device, which in most cases taken at face value would be considered some form of self defence. He allegedly killed a US Medic. The killing of this Medic is very unfortunate and sad, I'm sure all Canadians share the grief and sorrow of this Soldiers family. The Canadian youth - now I believe twenty-three years old - is being tried by the United States Military. It seems strange to this Canadian, that we as a Sovereign Nation, respected member of NATO and closest neighbour to the USA do not see it as our duty to try the accused based upon Canadian (or possibly international) law.

We must have no Justice system. I guess we have no Lawyers. It must be we have no Judges. We have no pride in our Justice system. No able Prosecutors. No Defence lawyers to act for the accused. No concept of Justice or pride of Country.

I am so proud to be a Canadian


  1. Yes, I agree. If the US soldiers did not murder the people they killed, why are the people who defended themselves guilty of a crime? I don't understand that.

    Victors justice, I suppose.



  2. I just thought I would pop in and see if you had posted lately. I saw a little of this on the news but did not know what it was all about. Sounds like we did not much of anything to help this boy/man.


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