Beth and I feel so blessed to have such a loving extended family. Took Beth to see Dr. Noltey in White Rock yesterday. I have been very worried as we were to get the results of the body scan she had last week. It was to show if there was any Cancer in her bones. As we drove so many memories were flooding my mind. It was 1958, we were on our yearly trip to Saskatoon - Beth became very sick in the city of Moose Jaw - went to emergency - nothing found.

It took another 13 years of my worry, and Beth's strength, courage, devotion and love, before we finally found out she had been suffering from Celiac disease all these years. It was almost too late - she was down to 92 pounds. But she persevered and has been the leader and role model of our little family for the past 40 years - a wonderful miracle.

The scan did not show cancer, but her back is still giving her great pain - getting another cat scan soon.
Much of our family have been going camping the past few weeks - they do enjoy the time together. This weekend Ron and Donna and his Dad David will be joining the gang. It is good that he has come to visit his BC family. The past week Mary and Michael John have been on thier own little outing - should hear some interesting news today I believe. Our son Rick is on holiday ovdr in the UK working his way through several exotic (another word for old) book stores - glad he is having a good time.

We are having a big birthday party in a few weeks for Tasha, Leah, Theresa, and Sandra, should be fun.

Well guess I will end this rambling - was just feeling a little worried and so thankful for all that life has given Beth and me.


  1. Hi Dad

    I feel for you . I think so many Doctors and Dentists are just in it for the Money . We found a nice Dr for Melina .She acually rang to see if the baby and Melina were ok .


  2. anonymous said

    That was beautiful1

    but that does not mean I will let you come to my next appointment.

    love beth

  3. Just joking. but dear you do exaggerate!

    I am not w good patient having the pain in the wrong place.

    You are a good help and I know Dr. Nolte likes you there.

  4. Oh dear, I hope that all the Cat scans for Beth turn out to be nothing at all! I'm glad the first one did...

    Thank you for the update, and I hope all goes well, especially with the birthday party!


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