the day after the biopsy

Well Mom says I should keep you guys in the loop (it is just a little loop).I just got back from getting a little chunck of my lip cut out - to send for a biopsy to confirm it is cancer - I am positive it is - after all I have been putting up with this sort of thing since 1972 - according to the Cancer Clinic records. -

The girl mentioned as far as she could detirmine I was the only person living that goes back that far in there records - I guess that is better than the alternate. I have been telling the doctors that the skin cancer has started on my lipsince april - of course they dont take it serious until it looks terible andfeels worse - so I have been making a bit of a fuss the past week as it is getting very painful and can cause a bit of a mess of ones lips.

This is a picture the day after the biopsy

As I mentioned to Dr. Fransen, the dermitologist's are a bit of a waste of time.

a) they do little or nothing - ufedex - Nitrogen.
b) you must wait now at least 3 months for them to do nothing
c) they must give you a recommendation to a higher level dermitologist that actually will do some operating proceedures ,if required. They must do a biopsy (the first dermitologist ) before the second one will even talk to them, or you.

Just think I went to a lot of trouble and letters toget this stupid heallth care system.
It appears it (the system) is becoming a bit of a cash cow for "Specialists"
A feeling I get from a bit of research is that General Practitioners feel the same way!.
I guess you get the idea I am not happy - you are right!

PS see that teeny little dot at the top left corner - it is an ugly picture of my lip - I tried to erase it but could not - but I did get it very small!