Maybe a little good to come

I had my 26th radiation treatment today - the ladies (and men) are so considerate
and helpful. Both of the ladies today noticed my lip (for the second time). They suggested I mention it to my cancer doctor because she may be able to get me into one of the specialists at the clinic to save time. They do have my specimen here - I brought it straight over from Dr. Fransen's office. They also said they do radiation treatment on lips. Of course my skin specialist did not mention this. However I did find it on the internet. I am about to start (have started) some in depth research into our health plan, and who is ripping off whom - as if it is their God given right.

It was a long time ago (1958/60)when I was writing letters to the editor demanding Medicare.
At the same time I was having arguments with the President of the BC Medical Assn
(who was our family doctor at the time). He was violently against Medicare in any form - and he was being supported directly in this view by the USA Medical establishment. Once it became law and he had been working under the plan for a year or so - he came to see me as I was working as an Air Traffic Controller,. Although I was too busy to talk to him at the time he later said He was amazed at the concentration it took to be an controller (he sat beside me for some time evidently but I did not notice him). But most importantly he stated " I can for the first time in my career be a real doctor - I do not have to consider the patients income before I recommend treatment"
It appears this noble experiment that Tommy Douglas spent much of his life defending, may becoming nothing but a cash cow for the few, and it appears supported by the Medical Establishment

The little dot in the left hand corner of the post below is actually my lip as the radiologist saw it. Be warned it is ugly if you click on it!


  1. I hadn't known that about Medicare... but what can I do about it? I wonder who needs to be contacted in order for something to actually be done. I think it's time that BC makes its voice heard in the Federal Government.

    Ontario and Quebec get WAY to many benefits that WE haven't even heard about!

  2. Dear Tavia,

    What can you do about it? As a 16 year old you have done more than you know by just saying those words.
    As you mature keep that inquiring mind busy - the Medicare subject is very worthy of your study and opinions. I respect your opinions very much.


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