Beth had sever pain yesterday morning in her upper spine and neck.

Dr. Nolte evidently was
doing the walk-in clinic at his white rock location. So we drove there and found about 20 people waiting - receptionist said at least 1.5 hour wait. So we parked on main street of white rock and walked up and down - Beth in great pain - me in a little pain - and found another clinic. After Beth telling him tylenol 3s did nothing he prescribed 'Tramacet'.

We got home and she went straight to bed after taking two tablets. Slept for two hours and felt a bit better.
This morning she is pretty bad again - we tried putting my electric pulse machine "TENS" on
her back a few minutes ago. She thought she had an appointment this morning with a massage place across the street - but it is for next Tue - I gave her a bit of massage last night, she said it helped.


  1. Oh dear... I hope Beth get better. But I'm glad that the Tramacet and the message helped. Is there a cause behind her pain?

    What is a pulse machine?

    Hang in there guys, we love you a lot!


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