Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A Magical Sight

The sun was setting as I was putting up the outdoor Christmas lights, I happened to glance up and saw the beautiful sight of a high flying Jet overhead, the setting sun made the long contrail look like a golden rope being dragged through the sky by a little black dot. I rushed into the house to get my new camera (which I still do not know how to operate) and I did get the shot at the top of this paragraph.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Armistice Day 2008

A picture of me with my Grampa -Dad -Wilfred -and Clifford - same day as marching picture.

Clifford's plane crashed in Labrador

The Day Wilfred left - I ran along beside him for several blocks!

NOV.11 - 2008
We attended the service at the New Westminster Armories, where memories of my short(six weeks) career in the Westminster Regiment came back. I guess like all Young men that join the army, our training was a bit of a lark. Dave Brooks and I joined up - a message from Army Headquarters to the Air Traffic Control Centre stated the boss had to give us time off to attend this Civil Defence Training - with pay. Plus we got full army pay. My Car was out of service and I was riding with Dave - so I went where he went - he went to the army. Dave had been in the Army reserve for some time so he was a bit of a pro. I on the other hand was a bit of a miss fit. In fact I was assigned to the Miss-fit Platoon - although I must admit I did think of myself as a sort of an upper level miss-fit!
I was the corner marker (I Think that was the term,) the guys were to watch me??. Our platoon was made up of guys that couldn't march - (I was pathetic), Shoot straight, run fast, think fast, etc. We had an ex private from the German Army-was sure if the war had of continued they would of won - A German Captain engineer - forced into the army - hated Hitler and war - A USA captain that dropped by parachute on the famous Chosin Reservoir at night in the Korean War - and last but not least seven prisoners from the Okala prison that were getting time off if they graduated from the course. They traveled back and forth every day in a Police Van.

We were a fun group - in fact I laughed so much I Would come home with a sore stomach. Our Corporal on the other hand didn't seem to think the things I laughed at were funny at all - he was a bit of a grouch. Our platoon was so bad we had a Sargent flown in from Edmonton to shape us up. He almost lost his mind. We had this Jewish young man who marched with the arms going the same way as the legs - the German Corporal - got on his case, however this weird marching
was infectious - soon the German guy and half the rest were doing the same thing - some in jest - others not. Some couldn't hold the rifle properly- others couldn't dress properly- others seemed to hear instruction backwards - it was very interesting.

As I was remembering this frustrating but enjoyable time of my young (1962) life I was thinking of the difference with my Uncles - I'm sure they were the same in training - the difference was they gave there lives so that I could have the experience years later.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Curling seems to be out!

Finally got my call to be spare for a curling team. They gave me a few tries
at throwing rocks before we began - I guess it was rather funny (although no one laughed)
- had hard time getting down to throw rock - it went a few feet - I went several feet - second try
not much better - fell over - third try same -although I did throw the rock to the far end.
Decided I could not curl at this time - it was obvious i guess.
Drove home in the porring rain - not too happy.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

As Long as the Mind is Functional

Lately it appears I keep having more and more trouble with my little body.
Have no idea what is happening but it is becoming obvious something is - maybe just age.
Will make further comments in due time.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Army stint - A Richmond ditich - fate - true

This is my first writing since my skating incident - and I reckon maybe the beginning of a new perspective on life - don't want to get to maudlin but it seems to make one (me) look a little more to the past. I have written several little stories - as most of you know - I am not going to bore you with all forty. Just one.

I was pleasantly surprised with the success of finding the article in the Peace Arch News re the overturned boat. So I decided to go into Richmond the other day to see if there was anything in the Richmond Review about the following rather stupid incident I dropped myself into (literally) about forty five years ago.

I wrote the story about eight or nine years ago. I wasn't sure just which year it happened- 1961-62-63 or 64. I couldn't find anything in the first three years (other than in the monthly summary of the fire dept) " three cars in ditch this month - one survivor." Have decided to have one last go next week at 1964.

Nov 2nd 2008 - did go to the library in Richmond again did not find anything for 1964.

However I remember that we had a very large snowfall in March of the year this took place - so I found this on the Internet. I remember the snow very well as I was ordered by the corporal (during my six week stint in the Canadian Army) to go out and shovel off the driveway (due to some small incident) - since I had on my soldier suit and a city snow grader was passing I commandeered it and had the driver clear the driveway and parking lot - took about ten minutes - Corporal was madder at me than before, when I came in and reported mission accomplished.

From - the Canadian trivia weather page

March 1st 1962 An unexpected snowstorm in Vancouver produced 35.6cm snow, a 2 day snowfall record here. Click here to see what the weather's doing there now. 5

As I'm sure you now realize I have become quite determined to see if there was anything reported about my midnight swim in Richmond BC.
I will go back and look at the March issues of The Richmond Review.

Nov. 5th 2008 Beth and I went into the library in Richmond again - could fine nothing
about my ditch thing - just some pictures of the snowfall in 1962.


I had just got off afternoon shift at midnight from the Air Traffic Control Centre on Sea Island in Richmond BC. It was early spring, and the temperature was just above the freezing level. A light drizzle had just begun to fall. As I was about to turn on to the cut- off leading to the freeway, I suddenly got this great idea; I would pick up Chinese food and surprise Beth.

I quickly turned on to number 3 road, and drove down to the Bamboo Grove restaurant, across from the City hall. I had finished ordering and started to drink the free coffee they gave you while you were waiting for the take-out food. Suddenly the door slammed open and a lady screamed that a car had just gone in the ditch at the dead end corner of Granville and Number Three Road.

In most cities in the world, this may not have sounded like such a big deal. Richmond in the 1960s had real ditches. On #3 road they were about 20ft wide, and at least 10ft deep. Not only were they wide and deep, but they were used as an overflow drain from the septic systems In effect, they were part of a weird sewer system.

As we hurried out of the restaurant, I noticed the drizzle had turned to freezing rain. The road was covered with a thin layer of ice, and we could hardly stand up as we ran. For some reason I was wearing my good suit, (I guess it was because it was my first day back as a Controller, after several weeks in the Canadian army). I was getting wet and cold as we arrived at the spot where the lady said the car had gone into the ditch. There were four of five of us and no one could see any sign of a car.
“There’s no car here, you must have been mistaken.” One of the men said.
“Well I could swear I saw a car go in here, but I guess you’re right.” Said the lady. “It was going straight west on Granville, it didn’t appear to turn, it’s tail lights just disappeared.”
The rest went back to the Restaurant, but I stayed for a few minutes to have another look.

Why I went back I really cannot say - fate??

Peering into the black frigid water, I suddenly noticed a faint red glow beneath the surface. I realized the woman was right, and this was the taillight of some unfortunate soul's car. It was then that I heard it; a sort of gurgling followed by a whistling sound, regularly about every six seconds. I definitely thought it was somebody having a terrible time breathing. It was obvious that if somebody was in the car, they wouldn't last long unless we got them out quickly. There was a problem, the sides of the ditch were vertical and slimy mud, getting into the ditch would be easy. Getting out, with, or without, an injured person, would be impossible.

So using my smarts I jumped into the water.

This was during the Diefenbaker Era in 1959/60-62 I believe. I was only about 25 years old, a SCUBA diver, hockey player, and had just finished a stint with the New West Regiment in their civil defense brigade. What I’m trying to say is this; I was in very good shape. The idea of going into the ditch really didn't seem like such a big deal. When I hit the water, I instantly went completely under. I don't know why, but this caught me by surprise. I surfaced and two things hit me simultaneously, number one it was very cold, and number two, there was absolutely nothing to grab on to, or stand on. There I was, treading water, in my best suit, in this pitch-black smelly ditch. It appeared that everyone else had left, in any event I couldn't hear or see anyone from my rather limited perspective. I started to slosh around. Suddenly, I stepped on what I believed to be a wheel of a car. I deduced this since it turned, and I fell off. Using my great intellect, I instantly realized if this was a wheel, the car must be upside down. It then struck me; the strange whistling sound must be someone breathing against the floorboards, at least that was the instant picture in my Mind.

I decided to dive under the water and see if I could find the door. On my first try the shock of the dirty frigid water in my eyes and ears, (yes I remember I kept my eyes open for some unknown reason) affected me so much that I only stayed down a few seconds. On my second try I got much deeper and found the door handle. Unfortunately by the time I found the handle, I was running out of air. After a quick try at opening it my lungs were burning. I just had to take a breath. I started to the surface.
It was then I realized that my coat was caught on something. I couldn't’t surface. Fighting panic, I struggled for a few moments to get loose.

I was not happy.

Suddenly I was free. I popped to the surface just as my lungs were about to burst.

After taking several deep breaths I dived down again, this time, I got right to the door. Bracing my foot I pulled with all my might, the door burst open and the car filled totally with water. At the same instant I felt a person and grabbed him (it was a him) and attempted to pull him into the water with all my strength. I knew there would only be one chance, because I had ruined his small pocket of air when I opened the door. If I didn't get him out now, I would have to surface and come back down. In the mean time he would have taken in water and be unconscious (providing of course I could find him). I was rapidly running out of air and pulling him frantically. He appeared to be stuck behind the steering wheel.

Somehow, to this day I don’t know how, I got him out and managed to get to the surface with this madly struggling man. When we surfaced of course there was nothing to hold on to and this elderly gentleman could not swim. He was crying, praising God and thanking me all at the same time. Unfortunately, it appeared he was also trying to drown the both of us; and he was doing a good job of it.

At about this moment, the Richmond Fire Dept. arrived. They had on life jackets, and were trying to reach us but they couldn't reach far enough into the ditch. I was rapidly going numb from the cold. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold on to the elderly gentleman much longer. Since I was breathing a mixture of about 50% air, and dirty water, I wasn't going to last long either.

They yelled at me to hang on. They were going to get ladders or something. I’m somewhat ashamed to admit, but I totally lost my cool and swore at them (between gasps for air) and called them cowards and other appropriate names. They still didn’t get into the water, even in their life jackets. So, I called them a few more nasty names and finally two of them jumped in to the water. They helped us keep afloat until those on the shore somehow dragged us out.

As they were taking the man to the hospital he asked me my name and where I worked; I do not remember if I gave him my name, but for some strange reason I told him I was in The New West Regiment. Since I had just finished a six week stint in the army (which is a story unto itself) the day before. I guess it just popped into my head.

Anyway, I forgot about my Chinese food. I went straight to my car and drove home. I was so cold I could hardly hold onto the steering wheel, and I smelt like the monster from the lost lagoon. When I got in, I went straight to the bathroom, and into a hot shower, wearing all my clothes, including my shoes.

My wife thought I had lost my mind.

Written by Larry W. Bennett

Friday, 24 October 2008

Reality is Setting In!!

I have not had a lot of energy lately, it has started to bother me - particularily since I have been convinced my energy levels would be rising rapidly after my last radiation treatment, which was two months ago. I have been trying riding my bike, started out right after radiation ended - did pretty well - even made it all the way up the hill from Zellers without getting off. But since then it seems my endurance and just general energy level has continued to decline.

The problem with my feet and knees (peripheral Nuropathy and Pseudo Gout) has just slowly gotten worse, which I have tried to ignore - will little success. My walking gate (due to the numb feet) is looking much like a old man shuffling along with a cane or walker. Now I am getting a little older, but I am NOT an old man!

I have been thinking of going Ice Skating since the motion is totally different from walking - plus I have been skating and playing hockey all my life. So it seemed logical to get out of the house - get some fresh air - and do something I was really good at.

Looked up the local rinks and found the North Surrey rink had public skating today from 11:30 AM till 1:00PM - decided to go. Got my skates and blue touqe and started off for a fun little skate at the rink I had played hundreds of games in the past.

I arrived about 12:15 - lots of time left - I figured a half hour or so would be enough for my first time out in about four years.
The first thing I noticed was there were virtually no Adults skating - a few out with their small children, most with the little metal things the small ones use to get started. I realized I had probably read the time wrong and this was tots and moms time.

Anyway it was general skating so I paid and sat down to put my skates on. Just as I sat down this cute little guy (about 18 months old) came over and lay down on his tummy on the bench beside me to watch me put on my skates.
"Do you ski?" He said to me, or something similar (he was Chinese)
"Yes I ski - do you?" I said.
"Do you ski?"
"Yes do you?"
"Do you ski?"
You get the idea - this went on for the entire skate putting on time.

Speaking of skate putting on time - it was not going too well at all. After getting the shots that turned me into a bit of a female my tummy seemed to grow about three inches - just enough it seemed to make reaching over to lace up my skates next to impossible - not quite impossible but close. By the time I had put one skate on I was all tuckered out.
My little friend was not.

By the time had both skates on I was breathing pretty hard.

As I walked to the ice entrance I noticed my skates did not feel right - not sure what was wrong but it did make me a little cautious when I got to the gate. Normally I would just jump out onto the ice and away I would go.
I held on to the gate and put one skate onto the Ice, so far so good, but as soon as I got the other foot on the ice I started to fall - I couldnt believe what was happening - skating had always been as natural to me as walking (of course walking isnt so natural anymore) and I just couldnt comprehend what was wrong. I do believe there was a bit of rust on the bottom of my skates, as the gliding slowly got better. I would try to go forward (holding onto the boards) but the skates would grab and let go and grab again - each time making me almost fall.
After about two minutes of this I decided to pack it in. When I got to the gate there were a few little people blocking it - I was afraid I might fall and injure one of them so I went back along the boards and tried to see if I could improve - I think the rust was wearing off a bit because I did a little better.
About this time a little girl (about five or six years old) came over to offer me her little red mittened hand. I almost cried. She was so concerned and sweet.

In any event I did stay another twenty minutes or so, and I did improve a little - still could hardly turn or stop, but I did get away from the boards.

For a guy that just a few years ago was a hard skating-hard hitting-stop on a dime kind of player, this was more than unexpected/shocking/embarasing, it was mind numbing.

As I toiled getting my skates off, this little voice in the deep recesses of my mind was saying - this is the end of life as you have known it - the beginning of a completely diferent life - how are you going to handle it?

We will see.

love to all

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Just one more of my stupid moments

Overturned boat - Ocean Park

I am writing this June 2nd 2008 – it has been sitting in the back of my brain for twenty years or so, I guess I should let it out.

It was Boxing Day 1987; I was relaxing after a large lunch of Turkey sandwiches from the leftover Christmas meal. Sandra decided we (Cameron, her four year old and me) should go for a walk along the beach at Crescent Beach in Surrey.

It wasn’t really a good day for walking, the wind was blowing at about twenty knots it was about 6C and there was a light rain. However we drove out and parked at the end of Sullivan St. close to the walk along the sea front (there was very little traffic).

We started walking along with the wind at our backs, stopping often to throw rocks or look at dead things that had come in with the tide. Cameron (or maybe it was me) whined from time to time about the cold and rain. In any event we continued on toward Blacky’s Spit. As we approached the small dock at the end of Wickson Rd. I was just about to announce I had had enough of this fresh air stuff when we heard a woman shouting. She was yelling frantically to us against the wind and at first I had no idea what the problem was, but the three of us started to run toward her.
As we got closer I noticed an overturned boat about a hundred yards off shore and then heard the anguished cries of a father.

“Help, help, my son is trapped under the boat, help, help.”

It was then I saw a mans head around the far side of the upturned boat. I ran down the dock toward a small cabin cruiser, it had a small skiff tied to the top of the cabin. I immediately untied the rope and dragged the skiff to the edge of the dock- there were no oars or paddles anywhere. Suddenly I notice a small one by four board about three feet long a few feet away. I grabbed the board and dropped the skiff into the water and jumped in. I noticed there seemed to be a bit of water in the bottom of the skiff but I never gave it a thought as I began furiously paddling (I guess it was more like thrashing at the water) toward the overturned boat.
It was only then I realized I had on a very heavy leather trench coat on. It restricted me more than somewhat, but I was getting close to the boat. I reckon I was about ten feet from the hull when I realized three things simultaneously, first my skiff was almost full of water and secondly there was a hole in the bottom of the skiff about eight inches square, yes I remember that clearly the hole was square!

Lastly I was sinking.

It took all of about five seconds for the skiff to disappear from under me. Man was the water cold. Now I was s pretty good swimmer and a healthy fifty-year-old man, as such I was not to worried about getting into the water. In fact I had some sort of a fuzzy idea that I was going to dive under the overturned boat when I got there, and comfort/rescue the child.
All this changed as I began to sink beneath the water, I could hardly keep my head above the water and my winter clothes, particularly the leather coat and my heavy leather boots, seemed to be like an anchor. I was only a few feet from the upturned hull. I managed to reach it but there was nothing to hold onto. I kept slipping off and sinking under the water. Suddenly I realized this was very serious and I was probably going to drown within a few minutes. I couldn’t hear the man anymore, but I thought I could still hear the Mother screaming.
Within a few moments a large fishing boat with several young men aboard appeared from out of nowhere about five feet away from me. They yelled and waved at me to swim over to there boat. I started to paddle the few feet to the side of there craft when I again went under. As I surfaced I was right against the side. A strong hand grabbed my leather collar and started to drag me up the side, but he couldn’t hold on and I slipped under the water again. He got hold of me again and another pair of hands got the other side of me, but they couldn’t get my over the side. Suddenly two very strong hands got me by the throat and the three of them heaved me onto the deck. I lay there cold and in shock, a few guys dragged me into small cabin, and they went back to help get the boy and his dad out of the water. It seemed only a few seconds when two ambulance drivers came in and threw a warm blanket over me and sort of dragged me along the dock to the waiting ambulance. I noticed the man and his son on the floor of the boat as they dragged me past them.
As we passed the Mother she thanked me profusely, I couldn’t respond. They left me in the warm ambulance and said to wait there till they got back. I was still rather numb and confused. After a few minutes I felt much better, I opened the ambulance’s back door and got out. I noticed Sandra had moved the car to the end of the dock. I went over got in and drove home to a hot shower – Sandra offered to drive but I was stubborn and insisted. I had a hot shower when we got home. It may seem strange, but we have hardly ever spoken about that day since.

When I went into work at Lakeview Realty a few days later Ron, a co-worker came over and in a rather to loud voice said.
“Just what the hell did you think you were doing in the water at Crescent Beach on Boxing Day?”
“Were you there?”
“Just got there to see you sink.”
We left it at that.

To this day I do not know what happed to the Father and Son I vaguely recall that Beth mentioned she saw something in the paper about the incident, I’m sure if they were seriously injured she would have mentioned it. I am going to go to the Peace Arch News in a day or so and see if I can find the names of the family in the Archives. I feel a little nagging in my soul to finalize this incident.

I never really have never spoken about this misadventure to anyone since.
It is now Oct 15th 2008 - about 22 years since the above took place - I finally got over to the Peace Arch News. They did not have their papers on microfich, but they did have the full papers bundled in large yearly books. They let me spend some time with them until I found the above account of my little story. Unfortunatly they would not let me take the paper out of the large book - thus the rather poor reproduction
It is too bad the article did not mention the names of the Father and Son, I guess I will have to do a bit more digging.
larry bennett

Monday, 15 September 2008

Three for One

Well we got in to the Cancer clinic on friday the 12th of sept.

At first a young man weighed me - I told him I just did myself at home and I was 180 lbs - he said we will do it here again - I came in at 175 lbs. I have been trying (sot of) to lose five or ten pounds - made me feel good that I had just shed five in one hour!

After I put on my gown - for a sore lip?? a very nice young lady came in and asked if she could practice on me. I said sure. She gave me a thorough going over - it makes you feel sort of wanted when one takes such an interest in one.
She said this saves the Specialist time etc. So the specialist (Dr. Chan) did come in and they both looked my body over again for a few minutes. They did get to the lip and both pulled and prodded. They were both suprised at how good my lip looked now (I had come with a picture of how it looked 20 days ago.) The specialist advised me that they could operate, or use Radiation treatment. Operating caused more dissfigurement - Radiation less etc etc. After a few minutes the specialist decided to get a more senior doctor in. They arrived in a few moments. The first thing that popped into my mind - he looks just like that doctor on TV - whats his name.

"This is Dr Jovanovic," the young lady said. "What a coincidence, I've had an appointment with you I believe for three months - Oct. 18th to be precise." I said. "So why are you here then?" "I couldnt wait for you so I got my GP to do the biopsy and brought it straight here to save time." "OK" "lets have a look at your lip - I understand you have been using Ufedex." "Yes for about 15 years or so." So how do you use it?" "For my face I usually put a bit on one night than wait one or two days and put more on - etc until I get it under control." "Thats not the way to use it - put it on every night until it gets real sore and inflamed." Yes I know all that- but for me and my face I just want to keep it under control and how I do it works." "You do it the same way for your lip?" "No I really got to it - every night for at least 15 days - made me quite a mess as you can see from the photo." Well it looks pretty good to me - lets leave it until you come into my office for your appointment." "OK will do."

So nothing much happened, but I feel much better about everything - it looks like I more or less did the right thing by making my lip a royal mess for a few weeks - if I hadnt I think I would be in real trouble right now. And I have a feeling Jovanovic is a good guy - I may be wrong - but so far I feel pretty good about everything. Even the prostate stuff seems to be slowing down.

I read the scripture at Colebrook Sunday - onlygot mixed up a few times.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Still no word

It is Sept 5th - still no contact from Cancer clinic. Beth has phoned them twice.

I am about to get some serious dental work done. Would like to get it finished befor getting anything serious doneto my lip. It is not now open sores, but a bit painful - especially when the dental assistant grabbed my lower lip to help get that metal thing with all the gunk inside - into my mouth to take the impression.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Rambling Thoughts

I Have been reading lately about the monstrous wage increases several "top" level BC bureaucrats have received lately. About 40%. The rational as I understand it - if we don't pay them they will go to another jurisdiction.Now from memory I believe the wages went from around 300,000 to 370,00 some getting less but all about the same percentage increases. I expect these persons are all relatively intelligent, and well educated - but I wager their actual duties are not overwhelming and not all that difficult.

I also would wager there are hundreds (if not thousands) of well educated, intelligent persons out there that would jump at the Chance to take on one of these positions for $150,000 or less. I think I could come up with 10 for every position within a week. The only stumbling block I foresee is this - the requirements for the position (having been determined by the bureaucrats in power) probably begins with the requirement to have had several years expedience as a top level bureaucrat.

I also wager that if these new recruits were hired, the average BCite would not notice, ever, and our ship of government will sail smoothly forth.

It has been in the back of my mind for some time to ask this/these question(s) of our politicians who theoretically at least, run the show.

Who decides the unbelievable contracts the senior bureaucrats are given?

It is quite probable it is the senior bureaucrats themselves. What is that saying "fox in chicken-house etc." Who decides the size of the payouts they get when they retire, or even more unbelievable, are fired. Probably same answer, themselves.. I would like to see the contracts those responsible for the above are getting. If they are so generous with the taxpayers money for their buddies - just how golden and ridiculous are their own contracts and severance packages? It is 4pm Sept 3rd ( several days after I wrote the above) CBC radio just led the news with ' Premiere Campbell just announced " I did a poor job of explaining the large wage increases of my staff last month". Nothing more just the announcement.

Kings, Queens and lessor"Royals".

Why do otherwise brilliant men and women give homage to these very (or Less Than) average humans. Who taken as a group, have lazed around for thousands of years doing nothing except living high off the hog, and being a monstrous expense to boot.
Where did this concept come from originally?

Were they just run of the mill dictators (I believe this is quite probable) or were they somehow born with special powers?

From what I (so far) have been able to deduce, virtually all those who would be referred to as 'Royal' derived this title from some association with 'God', 'Gods' ,or other supernatural beings.

The Anunnaki/Nephilim??

Genesis 6:1-4 reads: “And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose... There were nephilim in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” Nephilim is often translated as “giants”, a legitimate and appropriate interpretation, but one which may be only partially accurate. A better definition might be “those who came down”, “those who descended”, or “those who were cast down.” The Anunnaki of ancient Sumerian texts is similarly defined as “those who from heaven to earth came”.

Genesis 17 (New International Version)

3 Abram fell facedown, and God said to him, 4 "As for me, this is my covenant with you: You will be the father of many nations. 5 No longer will you be called Abram [b] ; your name will be Abraham, [c] for I have made you a father of many nations. 6 I will make you very fruitful; I will make nations of you, and kings will come from you.

From the above it is obvious the concept of 'King' was already present

The work of Gardner, Sitchin, I believe may predate the Old Testament and makes it clear that the extraterrestrial “gods and goddesses” were intervening and lording over the human species with a vengeance! The Anunnaki, specifically Enki and his half-sister Ninki, were responsible for the genetic experiments which combined Anunnaki DNA with that of Homo erectus in order to create Homo sapiens sapiens, thus placing the human evolution far ahead of schedule and with the added ingredient of extraterrestrial DNA.

The Devine Right of Kings - This is basically the King (see all the above) insisting God ( in this case usually a Pope- Cardinal - bishop - or some other ranking church bureaucrat) decreeing the status of the Royal in question.
Of course the next question is - Where did this God Representative get his power. Linage from Christ? From Peter. From Paul. From God. When. How.

The idea of the Divine Right of Kings evolved in Europe during the Middle Ages. The theory claimed that kings were answerable only to God and it was therefore sinful for their subjects to resist them.
James I upheld the doctrine in his speeches and writings. This theory was supported by his son Charles I and his chief adviser, William Laud, the Archbishop of Canterbury. Laud argued that the king had been appointed by God and people who disagreed with him were bad Christians

This morning (Sept 3rd 2008) the army announced three more young Canadian boys were killed in Afghanistan. I think that brings to 93/4 the number of our soldiers killed.

When we first went in I told Beth. "This is the start of the decline of Canada being recognized worldwide as a country of peace. It is the beginning of our slide into a USA style of entering a foreign country with the vowed intention of helping the populace. Before long we are killing Innocent civilians. It seems to me if we bomb or shell a small village and kill say 20 women and children the hate for the act, and the perpetrators, is magnified by some number - I would estimate at least one hundred times. Mother, Father,Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, Neices etc. etc. they all will burn with hate for generations.

Add to this those killed are usually of a different religion and ethnic background the hate grows by the day. Our country will not be safer from terrorists because of our intervention into Afghanistan. On the contrary- already Muslim Terrorists have been announcing on Arab radio their intention to target Canadians all over the world for killing and abductions. It has already started - not at home - but you can be sure it is coming.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Beth had sever pain yesterday morning in her upper spine and neck.

Dr. Nolte evidently was
doing the walk-in clinic at his white rock location. So we drove there and found about 20 people waiting - receptionist said at least 1.5 hour wait. So we parked on main street of white rock and walked up and down - Beth in great pain - me in a little pain - and found another clinic. After Beth telling him tylenol 3s did nothing he prescribed 'Tramacet'.

We got home and she went straight to bed after taking two tablets. Slept for two hours and felt a bit better.
This morning she is pretty bad again - we tried putting my electric pulse machine "TENS" on
her back a few minutes ago. She thought she had an appointment this morning with a massage place across the street - but it is for next Tue - I gave her a bit of massage last night, she said it helped.

Saturday, 23 August 2008


Beth and I feel so blessed to have such a loving extended family. Took Beth to see Dr. Noltey in White Rock yesterday. I have been very worried as we were to get the results of the body scan she had last week. It was to show if there was any Cancer in her bones. As we drove so many memories were flooding my mind. It was 1958, we were on our yearly trip to Saskatoon - Beth became very sick in the city of Moose Jaw - went to emergency - nothing found.

It took another 13 years of my worry, and Beth's strength, courage, devotion and love, before we finally found out she had been suffering from Celiac disease all these years. It was almost too late - she was down to 92 pounds. But she persevered and has been the leader and role model of our little family for the past 40 years - a wonderful miracle.

The scan did not show cancer, but her back is still giving her great pain - getting another cat scan soon.
Much of our family have been going camping the past few weeks - they do enjoy the time together. This weekend Ron and Donna and his Dad David will be joining the gang. It is good that he has come to visit his BC family. The past week Mary and Michael John have been on thier own little outing - should hear some interesting news today I believe. Our son Rick is on holiday ovdr in the UK working his way through several exotic (another word for old) book stores - glad he is having a good time.

We are having a big birthday party in a few weeks for Tasha, Leah, Theresa, and Sandra, should be fun.

Well guess I will end this rambling - was just feeling a little worried and so thankful for all that life has given Beth and me.

Behind the previous rants

I have often thought when reading some persons rant about a situation "what is the total story behind this".
It happens every day, people from all walks of life have grievances about almost anything. These real or imagined insults have been keeping hundreds of reporters and columnists occupied for years.
Well just for the record this is a bit of what made me write the previous few posts. I am not looking for sympathy or indeed notoriety, this is just an explanation.
I have this warped idea that one should treat your neighbour as you would be treated. I try. I expect to be treated the same by those I come in contact, whether it be at the food bank Beth and I have been volunteering or at the finest hospital in the province.

Aug. 27th - beautiful Great-granddaughter Madeline dies- just a few months old - a great shock and deep sadness envelopes family.

Oct 2nd 2007 - Appointment with Dr fransen about my peripheral Neuropathy- numb and pain in feet - keeps me awake at night -there is evidently no cure. I didnt mention my knees to him in which I have Pseudo Gout - basically a form of Arthritis which can be very painful - -of which there also is no cure. Both had been bothering me quite a bit. Have been stumbling a little and have difficulty getting up with the knees.

Oct 5th - - told I have prostate cancer.

Oct 18th - appointment with Dr Nazif - cancer confirmed

Oct 19 th - Dermatologist burns a small lesion off lip with nitrogen - told to come back in six months (have been coming back every 4-6 months for a few years) - Secretary would not give me an appointment unless I went back to Fransen and get a re referral ???? 6 months rule etc -I then asked to make it five months - Oh no - ( extra pay for new referral etc etc?? - I was very upset - cost to medical plan etc.Very concerned that it appeared a Young receptionist could arbitrarily change this several billion dollar health plan.

April 29th 2008 - Dr Fransen - told him I was sure I had lip cancer. ( minor at this time - don't think he was to concerned - I was) made appointment with Dermatologist JUNE 15TH ( originally given a September time) Dr Fransen had it changed.

May 14th - Phoned Dermatologist office to enquire if I should use Ufedex cream on my lip. Receptionist advises he does not take phone calls - ever. She is not helpful and rather belligerent.

June 10th -Dr Fain - get broken tooth out - plus two metal inserts screwed into same jaw - three hour job - very sore jaw for a few weeks.

June 15 - Dermatologist -my lip is quit bad now - he is not to concerned - says no need to take a biopsy. I mention had operation a few years ago on eye-lid - it was Squamous carcinoma. We have nice discussion about him not receiving calls from patients - I decided to have nothing more to do with a person that treats his patients only like a number and seems to have no actual interest in them as a human being - he prescribes ufedex - I tell him I have some. . He tells me to come back in two months, I tell him I cannot remain a patient with a person that will not talk to me when I call in need. He says good by and walks away - no instructions of how to use ufedex on lips.I do start using ufedex the next day using my own judgement and the internet.The way this two tiered Dermatology specialist works is - you first have to get an appointment with one that does not do any cutting operations (other than biopsies it appears) - this takes usually three months or more. If he takes a biopsy, and it is cancer you are now eligible to apply for an appointment and wait another three months.

June 18th? Dr. Fransen gets me an appointment with another Dermatologist for Oct.

June 20th Appointment with Dr. Buffan- Opthomologist - (he cut a piece of skin from under my right eye four years ago - skin graft fron other eye lid - Squamous carcinoma) he notices my lip and askes what is being done - I tell him. The good news is that my Glaucoma is not getting worse.

June and July lip continues to get worse - discontinue Ufedex about July 20th.

Aug 4th - lips very sore I have Dr. Fransen do the biopsy - I carry it over to the Lab at SMH. The Idea is to have the Cancer clinic take over my case if I have squamous cell carcinoma as I suspect.

Dr. Fransen and I think this is reasonable since I attend the radiation dept every day. Aug 7th have my scheduled appointment with Doctor at Cancer clinic She is a new doctor as my regular one is on leave. My lip is very sore and bleeding. I mention to this person that I would like to become a patient if the biopsy shows Cancer. She has absolutely no interest whatever in my situation - does not look at my lip - or indeed show any compassion whatever - just advises to see specialist get referral etc etc. - start from the beginning.
I am in a lot of pain with my lip at this time and my bowels are starting to churn ( just finished the radiation treatment on Prostate).

It goes through my mind all the TV and written advertisements for the treatment of skin cancer - the instructions to see you doctor at the first sign of any unusual sign of color change, raised skin, red area, etc - don't wait - serious - time is of the essence etc etc.

Here I am sitting in the Cancer clinic, (a registered patient) - in front of an Oncologist - bleeding lip - several months of getting the run around - and what kind of compassion do I receive - more bureaucratic runaround.
I tell her in no uncertain terms that this will just not do - not do at all. she says there is nothing she can do - I say of course there is something you can do - she says "this interview is over" and walks out the door.

Times have sure changed since I had Larry Warshawski as my doctor in Vancouver!

Aug 11 th - Biopsy results indicate squamous cell carcinoma. I take Dr. Fransens referral and biopsy results to cancer clinic - they refuse to take them - say they must be faxed over - also I should not see results!!

Unbelievable!! I have everything faxed over.
Aug 13 - I check to see if Cancer clinic has received referral - they say no. Have it faxed over again within ten minutes.

Aug. 16th I still do not know if they have my papers - Next week is my last week in radiation.
The only relative good news is that my lip is healing a bit and not very sore.

Aug 18th - One of the radiologists checks my records for me - she says I am registered twice for the skin cancer - has no idea how long it will be before anyone will contact me. It is so nice to have someone take a few minutes of their time to be helpful.

Today is Aug 23rd - I am finnished with my radiation treatments - still no word from Cancer clinic.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Maybe a little good to come

I had my 26th radiation treatment today - the ladies (and men) are so considerate
and helpful. Both of the ladies today noticed my lip (for the second time). They suggested I mention it to my cancer doctor because she may be able to get me into one of the specialists at the clinic to save time. They do have my specimen here - I brought it straight over from Dr. Fransen's office. They also said they do radiation treatment on lips. Of course my skin specialist did not mention this. However I did find it on the internet. I am about to start (have started) some in depth research into our health plan, and who is ripping off whom - as if it is their God given right.

It was a long time ago (1958/60)when I was writing letters to the editor demanding Medicare.
At the same time I was having arguments with the President of the BC Medical Assn
(who was our family doctor at the time). He was violently against Medicare in any form - and he was being supported directly in this view by the USA Medical establishment. Once it became law and he had been working under the plan for a year or so - he came to see me as I was working as an Air Traffic Controller,. Although I was too busy to talk to him at the time he later said He was amazed at the concentration it took to be an controller (he sat beside me for some time evidently but I did not notice him). But most importantly he stated " I can for the first time in my career be a real doctor - I do not have to consider the patients income before I recommend treatment"
It appears this noble experiment that Tommy Douglas spent much of his life defending, may becoming nothing but a cash cow for the few, and it appears supported by the Medical Establishment

The little dot in the left hand corner of the post below is actually my lip as the radiologist saw it. Be warned it is ugly if you click on it!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

the day after the biopsy

Well Mom says I should keep you guys in the loop (it is just a little loop).I just got back from getting a little chunck of my lip cut out - to send for a biopsy to confirm it is cancer - I am positive it is - after all I have been putting up with this sort of thing since 1972 - according to the Cancer Clinic records. -

The girl mentioned as far as she could detirmine I was the only person living that goes back that far in there records - I guess that is better than the alternate. I have been telling the doctors that the skin cancer has started on my lipsince april - of course they dont take it serious until it looks terible andfeels worse - so I have been making a bit of a fuss the past week as it is getting very painful and can cause a bit of a mess of ones lips.

This is a picture the day after the biopsy

As I mentioned to Dr. Fransen, the dermitologist's are a bit of a waste of time.

a) they do little or nothing - ufedex - Nitrogen.
b) you must wait now at least 3 months for them to do nothing
c) they must give you a recommendation to a higher level dermitologist that actually will do some operating proceedures ,if required. They must do a biopsy (the first dermitologist ) before the second one will even talk to them, or you.

Just think I went to a lot of trouble and letters toget this stupid heallth care system.
It appears it (the system) is becoming a bit of a cash cow for "Specialists"
A feeling I get from a bit of research is that General Practitioners feel the same way!.
I guess you get the idea I am not happy - you are right!

PS see that teeny little dot at the top left corner - it is an ugly picture of my lip - I tried to erase it but could not - but I did get it very small!

Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Picture at Steveston Wharf Canada Day 2008 Beth and I.

I just got home from my 25th radiation treatment - sort of makes you think about things.

Iwrote this a few months back - have been debating with myself if I should publish it in my blog. Then I decided a blog is to tell people not only what you are doing along the road of life - but maybe also just what you believe this road is all about - so here it is. It is me.  

Feb 15 2008
A Personal World View

This will be sort of a general statement of my philosophy of life, Religion, and God (not the same thing).
Or what I believe.

At any particular moment in time what we believe, what we are, indeed what we are to become, is dependent in part from where we come from. This includes what religion our parents and Grandparents practiced (or did not practice); the social strata they came from, and of course their ethnic background.

I have always thought of myself as a rather logical person. I have tried to use what intelligence I possess to come to some logical explanation of where we come from, where the earth came from, and indeed where the cosmos came from. I realize this is quite a tall order for little old me. Regardless of that, what follows will be what I have come up with, I’m not sure if we can call it a belief.
So – getting down to ‘BELIEF’ a rather small word. However I would wager pound for pound it has caused more sorrow, pain, consternation, anticipation, disillusionment, tears, anger, hate and various other strong emotions than any other word in the dictionary.

Speaking of dictionary:

From: Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary
Belief - The feeling of certainty that something exists or is true:
When I refer to the word belief from now on it is to be associated with either the word God, Religion, Natural selection, atheism, or Cosmos. Or in other words where we come from.
It seems to me every thinking person on this earth when giving any thought to how he got here, believes in something. What I think stymies those who give it the most thought is that the two most common answers are God, and Natural selection/Atheism.
To the thinking person both are totally illogical.

However there appears to be one undeniable fact. WE ARE HERE.
Lets take the Big Bang Theory.
There are many scientists and laymen that do not consider this a theory at all. It is a fact. Or is it a belief?
These are some of the things I have great trouble imagining.
(a) A relatively small, extremely dense, glob of something about 13 billion years ago exploding/expanding all of a sudden into a couple of trillion stars/suns planets/ separated by distances measured in hundreds of light years.
(b) 13 Billion years.
(c) Trillions of stars/suns.
(d) Hundreds of light years.
(e) All of this expanding for 13 billion years and continuing today at this rate. I’m not saying it didn’t happen this way, but it is totally beyond my comprehension. Just read in the Scientific American, that they now believe the Cosmos is traveling away at a speed greater than the speed of light – in ‘X’ years there will be no heavens/Stars to see – interesting, but we will have to be around at least a billion years to see if this guess is true.

I have read, and to a large extent agree (I’m sure that would impress them) with the basic conclusions of such ‘great’ minds as;
Richard Dawkins - (The God Delusion)
Sam Harris - (Letter to a Christian Nation) Very interesting.
Christopher Hitchens - (God is not Great)
When I say ‘agree with’ I am refering specifically to their general oppinion of religion, not their ideas pertaining to Darwinism, natural selection, etc.
I believe all Atheists have a rather low opinion of Religion, if the don’t they are not worth their salt – must look up where this saying came from. They are all good writers and make excellent points, but what none of them actually address in any meaningful way is how we began. I mean really began, ie the beginning, how life actually progressed from nothing to a beautiful Robin and a great Elephant. I mean step by step how long the first vestiges of life (call them what you want) lived long enough to develop into humans. There are two fundamental answers – Lightening Bolts – and Time – not seconds, or months, or thousands of years, no but measured in millions and Billions of years. Of course all the while this little initial spark(s) of life was able to sit around existing. I must admit I do find it rather difficult to imagine this original spark of life existing in this nothingness without any form of sustenance for a day or so, (let alone trillions of days) waiting for a lightening bolt to zap it, or a neighbor piece of nothing, so they can get together on their relentless march to the Nobel prize. I have read Darwin extensively, biographies, etc. Darwin does not address the above.

I also have great trouble imagining God.
Is he a He?
Is he a She?
Is he an It?
Where is He/She/It?
Does He/She/It control the universe, the Galaxy, the Cosmos?
Does He/She/It care about children?
Does He/She/It intervene?
The amount of hate, atrocities, slaughter, sorrow, and butchery the human race has perpetuated upon one another in our little speck within the Cosmos is more than obscene. That this has been the norm from the time of the Old Testament to the present is truly beyond rational comprehension. Those perpetuating these horrors, in the main, have been strong believers in one religion or another.
It has often popped into my little brain that if there are extra terrestrials flitting around the universes, and assuming they have maps, these maps probably have a large red ring around our beautiful planet earth. In large print a note with something like this stamped over the image.

“Beware contaminated – Boil of the universe.”

For the first Thirty years or so of my life I was an Atheist. I then “progressed” to Agnostic.
I have been very involved in the Christian Church for over thirty years, and attended literally thousands of services of various denominations.
I still attend weekly with Beth.
My wife Beth is a devote Christian, in the true sense of the word. She is loving and honest and has an unwavering belief in Jesus as the Son of God.
I love Beth, admire her, and support her in her belief. It is hers.
I have met hundreds of good people within the Church; indeed probably most of my true friends come from within the Christian community.
I have however had grave reservations and have been very critical of virtually every denomination we visited.
I haven’t changed much.
I have seen people (who outside of their church appeared normal) writhing on the floor and making strange noises. I have heard many pastors saying the most outrageous things. There is one belief that virtually all the denominations of the Christian church spout when confronted with the following question. Why does the loving god allow (ie does not intervene) when innocent children are being raped, abused, bombed, or in other ways harmed?
The smug answer always is – God gave us free will. God did not make us robots.
It should be made very clear, the perpetuator of heinous crimes against the weak and helpless in our society may have free will – the little victims definitely do not.
It is abundantly obvious, if the clergy did not say this, the concept of a loving compassionate God looking after his flock and taking a direct interest in every living thing would dissolve into the ether like your breath on a cold day.
These same spokespersons for God are never reluctant to give God credit for any wondrous happening no matter how trivial. Most recently at a church we regularly attend the senior Pastor gave God credit for him getting his house sold. I guess although God gave us free will and does not go to all the trouble to intervene (to busy with important Cosmos matters) in a innocent child being killed, he/her/it/ can and will take time out to intervene into a house sale. Or a new carpet. Or a good deal on a car. I’m sure anyone who has attended church can add many more examples.
I believe this diminishes the message of Jesus.
Why can’t the Christian establishment just admit that they do not know the mind of their God? This would be relatively well received by the average Canadian rather than tying to bamboozle the “Flock” with this idiotic Free Will stuff.

Recently I have been reading a book by the brilliant Muslim Canadian author Irshad Manji, on the evils of her religion. It is amazing how often I noted the similarities with Christianity.
Of course to a great extent this is logical since both religions have their foundation in the Jewish Torah or Old Testament. Now granted the problems with her religion ‘appears’ to be worse than those of Christianity, but often the principles are virtually identical.
I believe it is logical (I know this is a strange word to use in this context) for individual humans (all other forms of life as well for all we know) to look to some supreme being for guidance and help.
We can call this prayer.
When things are at their darkest, life is hopeless, and there is no one to turn to, I believe virtually all humans plead and pray to some form of superior Being/God. One does not have to belong to, or indeed believe in, any particular religion to pray.
I know I have done this more than a few times.
Well this is where I am at this particular juncture of my life.

Larry Bennett
- PS I could write much more on subject - And I might

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Half Way

Well I didnt think it would ever happen but we are half way through the radiation treatments.

All in all these daily trips to the cancer clinic have gone reasonaly well. Beth insists on coming to all the treatments in case I get radiation poisoning or something and she will drive home. She is a very good driver, but not such a great passenger. She is always telling me to put the windows all the way up before I turn off the motor ( I like to leave them down a little so the car doesnt get to hot).
So the other day we park and beth gets out first, before I have turned off the engine.
" Dont forget to put the back window all the way up". she says.
So I dutifully press the button for the back window. Suddenly there is a blood curtling scream from outside the passenger side of the car.

Several heads seem to appear out nowhere all looking at me.

Beth shouts rather loudly.
" Put the window down, put the window down"
So being a very quick witted ex air traffic controller _(did I mention we were driving beths car?)
I instantly pressed the down button the way it worked on my car.
"No, no down not up." There might have been something about an idiot in there somewhere, but I'm not sure. Beth screemed so loud more people jumped out of cars to see what was wrong.
Anyway I eventually did it the proper way round and all ended well - except for the black fingernail that is about to fall off.
It seems when she yelled put the window up ,she was holding on to it as she reached into the car to get my bag. See our little daily trips aren't borring at all.

Actually the treatments dont bother me at all. Well that is not quite true - as this big scarry large round eye sort of sneeks up on me from out of eyesight under the table on my left side and (making all sorts of wirring and clicking sounds) slowly goes around my body before coming back and stopping over my lower bladder area where it stays for several seconds making louder and more ominous sounds it makes me imagine all sorts of things.

For instance just before they start the machine the two techs run like mad to the exit. Now its just me all alone with this large, extremely powerful, high voltage machine - run totally
BY A COMPUTER. Now I have nothing against a nice little computer. But I worked for several years with some excellent professional computer people, some engineers others programers.

One little tidbit I remember from somewhere, was ( I'm not saying it is true) that for every 500 lines of code written for a program there is probably one error. Now it may be just a teeny little bitty error and never show up for a thousand years - but on the otherhand I assume there are hundred's of thousands of lines of code in this machine. So while I lay there (with my eyes closed) I think of programers and the big eye spewing out a few zillion volts (or whatever) of gamma rays into my little body - I may not be able to feel them but they are doing something - as the rather long list of side effects attests. I dont like it.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

It started

Well every day I go in for the treatment the first thing the cheerful radiation tech ladies do is ask me if I,m doing ok - " no diarea?" I have always (except the time I took a mild laxitive - which is another story) said no.
Speaking of nice ladies this is a picture Beth took of two of the nicest - inside the zapping room - a few moments befor my treatment was to begin.
The large machine is just behind but I guess you annot realy see it.
However the past three days I have had it quite bad, and they say it will continue for the rest of the treatment - 26 days, but whose counting.
They gave me some medicine last week to help shrink the prostate - I had a reaction - first night one hand was itchy all night - no big deal - third day in the evening my feet swoll up- my lip also - but the worse thing was my chest began to get quite tight - needless to say I have quit the medicine. It seems I am rather alergic to almost any sort of medicine. The ladies at the clinic were very worried about me and got the doctor down right away. He gave me the older version of the same medicine to try - we will see.
I did go in to see my eye doctor yesterday about my Glucoma it is not getting worse - 14 in one eye 16 in the other - that is good news.

Monday, 30 June 2008

radiation begins

Had my second radiation treatment today - no problems, just have to lie real still. The people at the clinic are very nice - they do not expect me to any side effects for a week or two.

Decided to buy a 7week parking pass ( I will be going every day for another 36 days) from the cancer clinic - they only take cheques!
Would not take cash. Finally gave me the pass if I promissed to come back with a cheque
in a few days - if you stay less than an hour the pass does not save you anything, but less hastle.

Hace been having more trouble with my numb feet have tripped a few times and fallen - have great difficulty getting up due to the pseudo gout in my knees. The Cancer hasnt bothered me much these past 9 months - but I believe the injections have made me quite weak and it appears have also worsened any ailments I had before treatments. It has been pretty warm lately (30C)
and since I still get the hot flashes several times a night I do not get a great sleep.

Beth has been extremely tired the past 4 or 5 days as well as having sever back pains, She had bones scan of her back two weeks ago - havent heard results yet. I think she has been worrying about me to much - I tell her things are going fine (sort of) and to stop worrying - of course she ignores me. I think to take her mind off of things she has decided to rearrange most of the furniture, and shoes/toothbrushes/books/pictures/beds and anything else that isnt nailed down.
She does this almost every day - to say it confuses me just a tad is a gross understatement- but it makes life interesting - especially when she at times doesnt remember where she put things - we do have this in common!!

Went with Glenn for a boat ride out the Fraser river last evening - it was wonderful - and he bought us both fish and chips after returning - lovely time.

Had a bit of confussion with getting a dentist appointment - decided to go with beths guy - unfortunetely I gave the surgeon who operated on me the name of her doctor rather than her dentist (so he could forward the exrays to him). A few days later I realized what I ahd done and called the surgeon and gave him the proper name of Beths dentist. All is well - not quite - the surgeons receptionist being very alert and profficient sent them to another dentist who just happened to have the same name as beth doctor (BROTHER AS IT TURNED OUT). Anyway to make it short I ended up with two appointments at two different places on the same day 20 minutes appart. Off course beth and me thought it was her dentist that kept changing and reminding me of new times etc etc - ended up having no appoint ment since all the info went to the wrong dentist etc etc.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Side effects-

As with any strange gunk one puts into one's body I reckon there must always be some adverse consequence.

In the medical world they call it a side effect. With the stuff I'm getting injected there is a rather long list. The doctor's and druggist say they are usually quite rare. For the first few months I have relatively few side effects. Then I began to get hot flashes - still do - disrupt a persons sleep. Then I began to notice old injuries (broken ankle, fractured skull, tendinites, gout in knees, and of course my peripheral neuropathy) were suddenly getting considerably worse particularily at night. Of course this all does not help sleep much. I don't think my brain is working up to scratch either- (sigh)

I just sold my motorcycle for all of the above reasons.

Now, possibly due to all of the above I am getting very weak - to the point if I squat down I at times cannot get up without rolling over and grabbing something - this is rather pathetic.

I am due to start the Radiaton treatment within a month or so - this make you weaker evidently, Just what I need. I am also expected to take the shots for another year or two.

I go to see Dr. Nazif in two days, will talk it over with him, my inclination at this time is to stop all this and try and return to some sort on normalcy.

I guess I could be in so much worse condition I should be thankful I have all these wonderful people looking out for my welfare - and I truly am.

But I am starting to feel almost like someone else - and I don't know if I particularily like him.

This all looks rather depressing, but it isnt that bad - just thought maybe it may be able to help someone going throug the same thing I am.
I do laugh a lot with freinds and especially Beth and familly.


Monday, 3 March 2008

March 2nd -
We went to the wildlife refuge for Carols birthday
( I ate more cake).
This is our precious GreatGrandaughter Morgan talking to the duckies.


This is a before and after pictures of my driveway project

Well we just got back from my appointment at the Cancer Clinic. All my test so far are looking good.

My PSA has dropped from 38.5 in October to .97 - that is very low - that is the good news.

The not quite so good is that Dr. Ingledew wants me to continue the shots for another two and a half years! That means I will continue to be weak - have aches and pains - and Hot Flashes.

Yes I have began to have Hot Flashes in spades - Maybe ten times a day, and several times a night in bed. This means I get very hot, wake up, throw off the covers, get very cold, etc etc which means I do not get a good sleep. I am also getting other rather expected side effects like tingling arms, week legs, pain in bones at night etc.

One thing that is definitely bugging me - I have put on about 8 pounds in the past six weeks or so - (all on my stomach, my pants do not fit) I have been eating about the same as usual - well maybe the package of cookies a day is a bit different.

As of last week I have decided to stop eating sweets - bad time to make such a resolution - had two birthday parties for Carol, ate several large pieces of cake - but am starting again right now. These darn female hormones are making me rethink my glib answer to all the dieting problems in the world - "Eat half as much, and do twice the excercise." It may not be quite so simple.

It is no big deal, but I dont like these effects.

Dr Ingledew also wants me to start Radiation treatment in about two months. Im not so sure I really want to have these treatments, they have several different side effects as well as making me even weaker. Beth and I are giving this some serious consideration.

I would like to stop the Shots in a few months and try and regain strength and vitality.

All things considered, I am grateful for feeling as well as I do, things could be much worse.

My weekly visits to patients at Peace Arch Hospital, makes me appreciate all I have to be thankful for. They are so appreciative of my short chats with them, it is quite rewarding to be of some comfort when they are in need.

I have been feeling a bit stronger the past week or so - have started to dig up the driveway to widen it and put in new concrete. See driveway mess above left.

Well all for now - must go and watch Judge Judy!!

Monday, 21 January 2008

Well have had a few more tests. Had a CT scan on stomach on the 10th..
We actually thought it was to be an ultrasoundsince I had to drink lots of water before
I arrived. Went through the normal (now) proceedure, gown on right way around,
wait here, wait there, - finally they take me into a room with several beds and intavenus
bags attached to each one. I thought it was strange I was here, but they were not for me! Wrong before I realized what was happening the had the needle in my arm and I was dripping away.

I was about an hour wait on the bed - then I was taken (dragging my little bag with me) to wait in one of two chairs outside the CT room. Almost immediately my good friend Maryse came along and sat next to me - she was getting a scan as well - what are the odds.

Our son Ken and his son Hobey have been here from Australia the past 11 days - it has been great having them, they both have great senses of humour. They left last night - seem lonely around here now. Unfortunately I have had a bit of the flue or something,o the past 5 days so I havent been too much fun to be around.
However Ken's oldest son Tyler will be arriving in two days so he will cheer us up.
I receive another shot in my stomach in thre weeks, and a CT scan on my back a week later, not much else I dont think for awhile.
Am going to watch the hockey game now - on our old TV set - my Son-inLaw Randy Just installed a new HD 50 inch set in his living room - wow the game look great. All I want is a little 32 inch one - not too much to ask for I dont think - although as Beth says there are all the starving children all over the place, so maybe we will just sponsor another child instead.

All for now

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

January 10
We are looking forward to a great year of lots of new adventures,
especially with family and friends.
Ken and Hobie are arriving from Australia, I think to check up
how we really are doing. Tyler comes later.

Things are just coasting alond right now and that is okay.

Thank you, all you young at heart people, who have responded.